Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris 2.5 stars.

I finally got around to this on an extremely lazy weekend. I'm all for happily ever afters. They're awesome. But in a supernatural sex-charged series? It just feels a little weird.

The one thing I love about these is I can kill them in a day when I'm not working. They're very easy to read. But I just can't accept the way things ended. Everything was tied up too nicely, after 13 books of Sookie having misadventure after misadventure. Yeah, she probably deserves what Harris gave her in the end, but it feels off to me. I don't want to say why because this posts to Facebook. I know people reading the books and watching HBO's series are on there and I don't want them to stop the series. I want them to read for themselves and make their own decision at the end. Maybe they'll love it, or maybe they'll be like me and feel like it was too perfect of an ending for good ol' Sookie Stackhouse, and will hate it.